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Tres Leches Cake / Pastel de Tres Leches

3 Leches / Tres Leches / Three Milks Cake (pictured)
The signature dessert of our bakery, Tres Leches, is a Miami icon. Our family-heirloom recipe for this vanilla-scented sponge cake, is soaked in a signature blend of three types of cream and topped with glossy mounds of homemade, thick-n-gooey, Italian meringue and maraschino cherries.

Cuatro Leches® / Four Milks® Cake

Cuatro Leches®, or Four Milks® Cake, was born in our bakery. We created this original dessert and registered its name and logo. We take our traditional Tres Leches cake and slather a rich layer of golden dulce de leche caramel. ¿Cómo se dice - ‘Perfection’?

Tres Leches de Naranja / Orange-Vanilla Tres Leches
Our traditional Tres Leches cake scented with orange peel and topped with a classic vanilla-orange meringue.  We fresh-squeeze the season's ripest oranges and blend in freshly grated orange zest for a refreshing taste of Florida.  There's a taste of sunshine in every spoonful!

Cookie Tres Leches
This is our version of Cookies 'n' Cream - Tres Leches cake topped with a generous layer of crumbled Oreo cookies.  If you like to dunk your Oreos in a glass of ice-cold milk, you'll love this dessert!

Café con Tres Leches / Espresso Tres Leches*

Our Tres Leches cake soaked in bittersweet espresso, Kahlúa® coffee liqueur and our three milks blend.  Move over Tiramisù, here comes trouble!

* Seasonal Item/Special Order Item |
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Flan / Crème Caramel

Chef Michelle Bernstein called our flan
"Miami's Best."

Read about her other Miami favorites on
Condé Nast Traveler

Flan de Caramelo / Caramel Custard (pictured)

Our secret-recipe flan is a rich and silky caramel custard with the smoothest, creamiest, most luscious texture you’ve ever encountered on your dessert spoon. We promise it’s unlike any other flan you’ve ever tasted. It’s Flan-tastic!

Flan de Queso / Cream Cheese Flan
¡Dios mio! It’s heavenly! Philadelphia® Brand cream cheese gives this flan a creamy cheesecake like consistency. So smooth and velvety it melts in your mouth.

Flan de Coco / Coconut Flan

Rich Coco Lopez® Cream of Coconut, heaps of snowwhite coconut flakes blended to create an authentic Caribbean classic. Its a Miami Celebrity!

Flan de Fresa y Queso*/
Strawberries 'n' Cream Cheese Flan*
We top our original cream cheese flan with a generous topping of premium-quality strawberry preserves. 

Flan de Pétalo de Rosa / Rose Petal Flan
This unique caramel custard, a classic European-recipe crème caramel, delicately balances floral notes of rose petal and vanilla into a smooth and luxurious dessert. For a true sensory experience, serve this flan with a dollop of cardamom-scented whipped cream.

* Seasonal Item/Special Order Item
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Specialty Desserts

Pío Quinto / Nicaraguan Rum Cake (pictured)

Pío Quinto is our delicious vanilla cake that’s been soaked in our rum-n-spice laced syrup, then generously topped with our homemade natilla (vanilla custard), a pinch of freshly ground Mexican cinnamon and a plump, sweet prune.

Arroz con Leche / Caribbean Rice Pudding

This sloooow cooked Spanish dessert combines whole milk, condensed milk, short grain rice, cinnamon sticks and hints of candied tropical fruit to create a rich and creamy bowl of comforting goodness. ¡Que rico!

Torta de Pan / Mama Lil's Bread Pudding*
Our family recipe bread pudding is comforting and decadent. We use French bread, heavy cream, and sweet aromatic spices, to create a golden crust jeweled with ruby colored slices of guava and toasted almond slivers.  Also avaible in Cinnamon-Apple flavor.

Flan de Calabaza* / Pumpkin Flan*
We infuse our caramel flan with the autumn flavors of pumpkin, allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon.
* Seasonal Item/Special Order Item |
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Yes, we make large size cakes! Order your favorite desserts for your next birthday cake, office luncheon or weekend barbeque. 

Our desserts are available in a variety of sizes suitable for any special occasion:
  • INDIVIDUAL (5 oz. serving) (pictured)
  • MEDIUM (Serves 8-9 Persons)
  • LARGE (Serves 15-18 Persons)
  • MINI DESSERTS (2 oz. portions)

Note: Flan desserts are only available in individual (4 oz.) containers.
Larger flan sizes are available upon request.
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  About our Mini Desserts
Our bakery would be happy to cater our family-recipe desserts for your special occasion rehearsal dinner, wedding reception and quince or sweet sixteen celebrations.

We have created our tiny desserts in vintage china, modern ceramics and in retro cocktail glasses.   Our desserts are memorable and are sure to compliment your special day.  They give a subtle knod toward the savvy fashion sense of a the host and hostess.  

Please call us for more information about our catering services.  We would also be happy to work with your existing event caterer as well.

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"Love these sweet, delicious desserts."
- Pricilla, Tres Leches Fan and Dessert Club Member