Cuatro Leches ® 
Dessert Bakery
Home of Miami's most famous,
most premium Latin American Desserts

Foodies across South Florida agree: "OMG - these are SOOOO good!"

Jodi Mailander Farrell, Miami Herald Food Writer,
is a fan of *our* Vanilla Tres Leches
and Los Ranchos Steakhouse!

(August 2010)


"Made-in-Miami sweet spot"

Linda Bladholm, Miami Herald Food Writer
(January 2010)

Rich and decadent"
Barb Freda, Florida Food Table Magazine,
Food Editor, (December 2009)

"I'm in awe of your creation..."
Barb Freda, Florida Food Table Magazine, Food Editor, (October 2009)

"Your mini desserts

Everybody's raving about how
good they are. Awesome choice. :)"

- Heather (December 2010)


We may have possibly been your
#1 FAN
last Christmas. We are back again this year.
We love your Cuatro Leches!!

- Risa (December 2010)

"heavenly good!"

- Ariela, May 2010

"I have tasted your Tres and Cuatro Leches and
- Julia, May 2010

" come the slices of Heaven"
- the Sportsgrill Bird Road wait staff on delivery days (September 2009)

"The best Cuatro Leches ever - YUM"  -
Linda, Guestbook (August 2009)

"One word...AMAZING!"
- Gio, Guestbook (August, 2009)

"Love these sweet, delicious desserts."
- Pricilla, Guestbook  (August 2009)

"This is what tres leches is about..It is too amazing to describe. You need to have one yourself to understand what I'm talking about."
- Gianna, reviews (June 2009)

"Tell your Dad he has a winner on his hands!"
- Exec. Chef Thomas Russo, Westin Hotel Coral Gables (May 2009)

"Love your products!!!"
Raquel, Guestbook (May 2009)

"It tastes like a refreshing!
- About our Orange Vanilla Tres Leches, 
Tasting Event (May 2009)

"It can't get better than this"
Grace Della, Miami Culinary Food Tours
(September 2010)


Chef Michelle Bernstein calls our flan
"Miami's Best"

Read her review about LA CAMARONERA and GARCIA'S FISH MARKET on Condé Nast Traveler

"Miami eatery takes a classic Latin American confection to the next level."
- FoxNews.Com, Food and Wine Columnist,
Elena Ferretti (May 2010)

"Tastes as good as it looks!"
- Tasting Event (May 2009)

"..with 10 being the best?  I give you a
9 out of 10
Your family makes good tres leches"
Rudy, Restaurant Industry (May 2009)

"You guys make the best tres leches in Miami!"
Annette, Customer (May 2009)

"Oh my God.  This is good!"
- Farmer's Market Patron (March 2009)

Farmer's Market Patron (March 2009)

"You are right - you can totally be famous for this!"
 - Farmer's Market Patron (March 2009)

"This should be illegal"
Farmer's Market Patron (March 2009)

"...that [Tres Leches] rocked my world!"
Matt, Guest (June 2008)

"Try the cream cheese flan and key lime pie. . . AMAZING!"
about Garcia's Seafood & Fish Market (July 2007)

"Oh yes and the flan was memorable,
creamy and smooth."
about Garcia's Seafood & Fish Market
Mango & Lime Blog (October 2007) 

"...leave room for dessert - the Tres Leches
is the best around, by far!!!" 

about Los Ranchos Steakhouse (Feb. 2007)

"Hi Carlos,
I want you to know that tres leches is my very favorite dessert. I offer to pay for the dessert of any baker that I visit that makes it.
I have eaten somewhere between 10 to 15 tres leches by different manufacturers with different recipes.
Without question, Cuatro Leches makes
tres leches I have tried - it's not even close! I just thought you would appreciate that feedback. Make sure you tell your dad since it's his recipe, and let him know that he might not be too old to be a millionaire since his tres leches is better than everyone else's...or at least the ones I have eaten so far."

David, Bakery Industry (January 2009)

"You are right - you can totally be famous for this!" - Farmers Market Patron